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Real People. Real Services. Real Results.

Blue Mountain Electric, LLC stands as a testament to the vision and dedication of its founders, Shane and Heather Blagg. Independently owned and operated, the company's roots are deeply intertwined with the scenic landscapes of Eastern Oregon. In 2013, the doors of Blue Mountain Electric, LLC opened, marking the beginning of a journey rooted in local values and a commitment to excellence.

Shane and Heather, both natives of Eastern Oregon, bring a profound connection to the community they serve. Having grown up in the area, they not only understand the unique electrical needs of the region but also share a vested interest in its growth and prosperity. Their commitment extends beyond the professional realm; it's a personal investment in the well-being and success of Eastern Oregon.

Currently residing in Pendleton, Shane and Heather are not just business owners; they are actively contributing to the fabric of the community. Raising their family in Pendleton, they have chosen to give their children the same local experience that shaped their own lives. The fact that their children attend the same local schools is a testament to their commitment to the community's continuity and growth.

Through Blue Mountain Electric, LLC, Shane and Heather have created more than a business; they have established a legacy built on integrity, reliability, and a deep connection to the community. As they continue to provide top-notch electrical services, their story becomes woven into the vibrant tapestry of Eastern Oregon, reflecting a true dedication to both family and community values.


We pride ourselves in providing quality work at great prices! Our top priority is customer satisfaction and that means leaving no mess behind!

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